Massage Therapy

The Body Sage Spa enjoys a national reputation for exceptional massage therapy. Each member of the massage team is a graduate of an accredited institution, has passed either the MBlex exam or the NCBTMB and has gone through a rigorous selection and training process. Many have years of experience. They're among the best massage therapists anywhere.


1 hr $145, 1.5 hr $195, 2 hr $245

Signature Completely Custom Massage

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Therapeutic or Stress Relief Massage +Warm or Cool Stones or Herbal Hot Packs as needed. Your provider will combine modalities based on your preferences and needs to create a session unique to you. 

Mountain Thai Sports Massage, suggest 1.5-2 hrs

Experience the best of the East and the West with this innovative that's perfect for athletes. Sports massage speeds recovery of overused muscles while the stretches from Thai massage aid flexibility. Since it's received in the manner of Western massage--on the table using massage oil--rather than on the floor like Traditional Thai it's a great introduction to the form.

Deep Tissue Massage

Ease pain, address muscular imbalances and regain flexibility with techniques that work on deeper layers of muscles.  

River Rock Massage, suggest 1.5-2 hrs

Feel the warmth of smooth, heated river rocks used for massage. It's a great way to ease sore muscles and reach deeper layers without discomfort.

Traditional Thai Massage, 1.5-2 hrs

Think passive yoga + Shiatsu style massage. Wear loose comfortable clothes--the session is done on a mat on the floor. Limited availability.

Maternity Massage, 1-1.5 hours

Ease aches and pains and support a healthy pregnancy. A body support system is available to allow you to lie face down until the later stages of pregnancy. 

Teen Massage

1 hr $145, 1.5 hr $195

In the double room with parent, same gender therapist, 10-17 years old.

Swedish Massage

1 hr $145, 1.5 hr $195, 2 hr $245

Classic circulatory massage to aid relaxation and stimulate circulation.


Couple's Massage

Your choice of massage X 2 for side-by-side relaxation.


1.5 hr $415, 2 hr $535 for two

Mineral soak + Massage of Choice


HYDRATE: Arnica Lime Shea Butter Skin Intensive Treatment + $15

SOOTHE: Heated Lavender Bee Balm Hand and Foot Treatment +$15

BLISS: Custom Aromatherapy + $15 

STIMULATE: Dry Brush Exfoliation (includes the brush for home use) + $15

REVIVE: Lavender rosemary heated scalp treatment + $15

REJUVENATE: Heated Herbal Poultices + $35 (add 15 minutes)

MELT: Eucalyptus Steam Wrap + $35 (add 15 minutes)

POLISH: Invigorating Body Polish + $85 (add 30 minutes)


1 hr $285, 1.5 hr $385

Four Hands Massage

Two therapists, one guest, pure bliss

Spa room